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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Netherlands - Post 1

Hi guys,
Long time since I wrote a detailed mail. Let me make up for it here. I have had two weekends here including the weekend we reached here. The first weekend, we spent a bit quietly. Saturday was spent going to Ede centrum market (special market on saturdays) and roaming around there. I bought myseld a strip card there - relax, it has nthing to do with stripping but is like a bus ticket that you buy for 10 euros and use it instead of buying tickets everytime you get into a bus. That was my first day in Holland and I was wearing thermals and all and was very warm indeed. BTW, after that first day I have not worn my thermals again. The temperature has been in the positive throughout my stay here. I heard that about one week before we reached here the temperature went down to about -8 degrees C but since I have been here I think the minnimum temperature has been about 2-3 degrees dduring the day so it has not been very cold.

Sunday on the first weekend, we decided to go to Amsterdam. SriKrishna, Moinu, myself, Akka and Rashmi went together. After reaching Amsterdam we split up with myself and Rashmi going around togetgher and the othre three going around together with the idea that we would meet afain at 6 in the evening to go home together. In the morning, we planned to leave our house at about 7 AM and meet at the station at Ede-Wageningen (we are staying in Groenhof, Ede) to catch a train for Amsterdam but when we reached the bus station we realized on sundays the first bus comes only around 9:15 AM .. bloody backward people, these dutch. Anyway we reached Amsterdam around 11 AM and started roaming.

I don't remember what all we saw but I was more interested in only walking around and seeing everything possible ... we walked for about 6 hours that day and in the process visited the Rjikk museum and the Van Gogh museum (bloody hell... I think I am spelling museum incorrectly but for the world of me I cannnot guess what the correct spelling could be). There was a painting by one Alexander De Champs named "The Shepherd" that caught my eye - I really loved that painting. Only problem was that even if I liked it, it was about a couple of hundred thousand dollars over my budget for buying paintings that was around 10 euros... Hmmm, I never realized i was artistic but I really loved that painting. I saw plenty of Van Gogh paintings and I am suddenly feeling like an extremely cultured young man (Britney is young and so am I ... kya Satya???). Also, we wanted to go to Madam Tassaud's but it was closed for renovation. Amsterdam is so beautiful as is the rest of the country itseld ... the houses are very much similar in looks ... u cannot recognize one street from another coz they all look bloody similar ... like I said, the dutch are pretty backward people .. ;-). Amsterdam really was beautiful - so many canals and bridges and stuff all over the place. Finally around 5:30, we had a beer at a pub to warm ourseleves (one of the reasons I went with Rashmi was that I could feel comfortable doing things I wouldn't feel comfortable doing with other people ... like sharing a drink with her ... good fun). Finally we all regrouped near the station and we decided to make our way back - Srikrishna and Moinu decided to stay back and see some "fun" things. I hadn't seen any "fun" things either that day - I was more interested in seeing beautiful amsterdam with the Fun things always possible later before I come back. I too would have stayed back with them but then akka would have to go home alone from the station and I was afraid she would catch the wronf bus freon the railway station and end up in Paris by mistake. So I too went home and that finished off the weekend.

One thing I have seen about people in Holland - very rarely will you see any sick or fat or unfit person ... all the Dutchies are well built and very fit indeed ... they eat a lot of milk products (cheese etc) and meat and drink a lot of milk and juice... the air is too clean here so even the smokers only inhale about half the bad smoke that any person in india would inhale on an ordinary day to office and back. It would not be too much of an exaggeratino to say that I have not seen any fat people here ... even those who are a little fat will be very well built and not fat like people back there (me for example .. ;-( ... i am gonna change my lifestyle after coming back). the taxi person who came to pick us up at amsterdam airport when we landed here was so stout and bulky, she picked up my suitcase like it was empty and I had been struggling to lift it a couple of inches off the ground. These dutchies cycle everywhere possible and exercise a lot too ... I guess ... very fit people.

Anyway that is the end of my first weekend.


  • dude, you should go into radio commentary - your blog reads like a ball by ball commentary.. phew!! way to go...

    By Blogger Comfortablynumb, at 12:58 AM  

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